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1jhy35 Mar 12, 2018 at 2:41 PM

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    Thought I'd introduce myself on the Forum....

    I've owned my Soarer since late 2015 and it's my second car after getting bored of a 1.6L Civic pretty quickly!
    The biggest job I'd done on the Civic was just putting stiffer springs in, pretty much just being a spanner spinner...

    I bought the Soarer to learn more about building/driving a RWD platform car.
    Funnily enough, when doing insurance I found that the quotes were actualyl £250 lower than my year policy on the Civic had been!

    When I bought it, it was pretty simple spec:
    - Tein Street Basis coilovers
    - HKS Mushroom intake
    - Thicker intercooler
    - Custom Cat-back exhaust system
    - Borbet Alloys from a GS300

    I've spent a great deal of time and money trying to get it to a more aggressive spec, currently consisting of the following:

    - HSD Monopro coilovers
    - Japspeed adjustable camber arms & tie rods
    - Kaaz 2way LSD
    - New steering rack bushings
    - Strut brace thingy (front)
    - EBC yellowstuff pads/new rear brake discs
    - Works D9R's (Staggered ET23 10.5J rear and fronts are ET30 9.5 with a 20mm spacer)

    - Holset HY35 10CM low boost 1bar - high boost 1.4bar, AFR consistent.
    - 44m External Godspeed wastegate (open)
    - RAMAIR intake
    - Walbro 255LPH fuel pump
    - NGK BKR7's
    - New coilpacks
    - HKS FCD (saving for ECU)
    - HKS timing belt
    - HKS Adjustable cam gears
    - HKS Oil filter
    - AEM True Boost
    - AEM UEGO AFR (emulated 1v signal to ECU)

    - Custom Mid mount alloy radiator/intercooler setup with bloody huge electric fans
    - External gearbox cooler
    - External power steering cooler
    - External oil cooler
    - Catch can
    - Battery relocated to boot

    - Custom "rizing sun theme" coil pack cover
    - Clear timing belt cover
    - Aerokit front bumper (Fu*&$d)
    - Aerokit sideskirts (Not great)
    - HID's
    - Rear windows tinted
    - Wrapped some of the dash interior

    Next plans:
    - Full head rebuild - all OEM gaskets. Currently held back by the crankpulley, if bottom end fucked then putting a 2jzge bottom in.
    - Repaint rocker covers (done)
    - ARP headstuds
    - Bigger injectors (got 440c's from 2j)/FPR
    - LS400 front brake upgrade
    - Steel brake lines
    - Bleed brakes
    - Greddy Emanage ultimate with MAP sensor

    Hoping to get her all back together again in the next month or two, in time to start making it out to some track events this year! :slight_smile:
    Might start using this as a progress tracker thingy.




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    This weekend I've been trying to get the head off as I have low compression in one cylinder.
    Got a full OEM head rebuild kit and ARP headstuds to go in.

    - Removed entire turbo side
    - Removed rad/intercooler/piping
    - Removed Throttle body
    - Unbolted the intake manifold
    - Removed/Painted my haggard rocker covers
    - Got stuck trying to lock the crankshaft pulley in place (doh).... going to try locking it in place with the ancillary belt tonight!


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    Nice! Welcome to the club

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